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A new Fire Detection and Alarm System was required to be installed in a multi-occupied building and our client had already obtained 'design and install' quotations, from two contractors. The prices were 12,000.00 and 17,700.00 respectively, with differing specifications.

Having found our site on the internet, the client discussed the situation with us and on instruction, we provided a new specification and went out to tender to three contractors on our clients behalf. The specification met all requirements of the Fire Precautions Act, The Fire Precautions (Workplace) (Amendment) Regulations 1999 and British Standard 5839.Part 1.

The contract was awarded and completed efficiently, on time and was approved and certified at a total cost of 7,800.00.

In all cases, whether the project is large or small, our fees were proven to be extremely worth while in direct relation to the moneys saved by our clients and we have gone on to provide further advice to each of them on future projects.

Our Fees : 750.00  -  Saving for Client : 6,450.00

On a re-inspection by the Fire Authority, our client was instructed to install an external steel fire escape at the rear of a seven-storey building.

We were requested to advise on the necessity of this staircase and provide, if possible, an alternative means of complying with the requirements of the Fire Precautions Act and ensure the safety of the occupants of the building in the event of a fire.

The cost of installing the staircase would have been in excess of 100,000.00 and we were able to formulate an alternative concept, attain the agreement of the Authority and have it implemented and approved at a total cost of 11,500.00.

Our Fees - 3,150.00  -  Saving for Client - 85,500.00


On the recommendation of their solicitor who had dealt with us on a previous project for another of their clients, a property company instructed us to carry out a Fire Precautions Survey on a warehouse, with a workshop and three floors of offices.

The clients were proposing to purchase the building and needed our report prior to exchanging contracts. Their concern was that the Fire Precautions might not meet legislative requirements, even though a Fire Certificate was in force at the time.

On completion of the survey, we reported defects that would need to be corrected at a cost in excess of 25,000.00 and included for the replacement of a steel spiral staircase that was too narrow for the occupancy levels, additional Fire Alarm Equipment. Emergency Lighting and Fire Doors.

In the event, those costs were deducted from the purchase price of the building and the clients gained the full benefit as they were redeveloping the site over the ensuing twelve months, including for new staircases and additional offices.

Our Fees - 1,500.00  -  Saving for Client - 23,500.00

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