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There are instances where clients are given instructions by Local Authority Departments, Fire Authorities, Managing Agents or Landlords to carry out Fire Precautions work which can be costly, seemingly illogical or in some cases impossible to implement. This is particularly true with the new Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 being often cited by Contractors as a reason for expensive and possibly unnecessary additional or remedial work of Fire Alarms and other Fire Precautions equipment.

When discussed with and investigated by us, it often happens that either the work is unnecessary in part or in its entirety. There are also situations where an alternative is available which may be considerably less costly and yet satisfy all safety requirements.

Our job as fire safety consultants is to evaluate such circumstances and ensure that all aspects are considered to provide the most economic but effective means of protecting personnel, customers and visitors, to any building, from the danger of fire.


Many existing buildings and sometimes new buildings require to have access across adjoining properties in order to provide satisfactory Fire Escape Routes. Landlords, Managing Agents and Occupiers often regard these as serious nuisances.

Generally there are time restrictions, sometimes severe, for the determining of such agreements and there can be quite heavy cost implications in their inception and maintenance. On occasions, existing 'Rights of Way' are cancelled, giving one partner or the other serious problems in finding alternatives.

We have a great deal of experience in dealing with and resolving such matters and ensuring that any cost implications are either kept to a minimum or eradicated completely.

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